Hello Everyone.I am Celil Akbıyık.I'm from Turkey and I live in a small town of Turkey,ZONGULDAK

I'm fifteen years old.My school is KEAL and the Keal is the best school in Ereğli.

I have got a sister but any brother.She is Şeyda and her school is KEAL,too.Yes,Our school is the same.This is a bit problem.My mother is Fatma.She is a housewife.My father is Ali and he is a driver.My favourite sport is volleyball.When I started the volleyball I was eight.I like music but I do not always listen to the music.

Volleyball is a my best sport

My best friend is Serdar.I've known him for many years.He is fifteen years old and he was my classmate but now,we are in different schools.


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