A User Guide to the Brain

By Isak Rask

your brain is constantly functioning in many complex ways that all effect you in various forms, trick is figuring out whats helps your brain function and figuring out what can stop your brain from functioning how it should.

The Brain After Heavy Marijuana Usage

Its vary apparent that drugs alter the brain in some good ways and some bad. Marijuana for example is one of the most controversial drugs because a lot of people are saying that it is known to shrink the brain but at the same time its also well known to enhance connections in the brain. Whether its good or bad really varies but what is factual is that it can negatively effect brains that are still developing, the younger the brain when chronic use of marijuana starts happening the more abnormal the brain starts to become. You can see the drastic change from a non users brain to a constant users brain in the picture below.

How Music Effects the Brain

Many people love listening to music and one way that I think will make people love it even more is understanding the effects of what we listen to on the brain and how much those effects can benefit you. Music can help spark creativity, it can cause different emotions within us, it can improve our visual attention, or help us be motivated when working out even the benefits are almost endless but whats most important is understanding what parts of the brain music enhances because it really does work through a lot of your brain, which is explained in the picture bellow.

How Trauma Effects the Brain

The most severe impact trauma has on the brain is on the hippocampus. People who suffer from things like P.T.S.D. have a reduction in the volume of the of the hippocampus. If your hippocampus has a decrease in volume it can cause you to not be able to see the difference between the past and present. You can see the dramatic changes of people with PTSD to non-PTSD people in the image below.   

How Child Abuse Effects Brain

Things like child abuse can be heavily damaging to the child's brain and can cause some heavy impacts. One thing that it affects is the connection between your outer layer or your cortext to the hippocampus. Which can damage the child's ability to be able to learn and problem solve. The child also will have the same decrease in the volume of the hippocampus as someone with PTSD like shown above

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