Improve Customer Relations With Ibeacon

Hot and happening innovations are forever coming to the market, opening up the playing field for businesses and aiding them in attracting customers. One such interesting standard in the hands of the marketers is iBeacon technology. This effective retail-tracking tool may do away with queuing, offer real-time engineered discounts to the customers or offer shopping list help. Introduced by Apple, this technology promises big things to the business owners and customers as well. The main significance lies in fortifying future apps with completely new location awareness levels. Businesses can now set up the transmitters, which will tell the Smartphone that their shop is nearby. In combination with the appropriate software, it will open up massive possibilities not available before.

You can develop and cement customer relationships by sending prospects special offers say when they are going past your shop. You can also keep the pre-ordered item ready as soon as he or she walks inside your establishment. Also, remind your customers regarding the shopping list like any grocery items when they are standing before that counter. It will seem like magic to the people and they are sure to respond positively when you reach out to them with iBeacon. While there are numerous opportunities in the retail sector, others may use it too as it is quickly becoming a part of mobile advertising trends encompassing a variety of scenarios. This includes,

  • Theme Parks
  • Automobile Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Concert Venues
  • Stadium
  • and more

You can find out everything relevant about the prospects when they are within the range of your store. This is surely exciting as you can find out what a customer purchased, how long they looked at something before deciding not to buy, how much time they spent at the store, and so on. Delve into the psyche of the buyers with much more certainty than in the past. However, for this technology to work and give you the results you see, it is important that the customer installs the specific retail app in their mobile devices. Also, they should have the independence to opt out of this arrangement anytime they choose.

Technology used in developing this fantastic tool is open standard with the associated transmitter using low powered, small Bluetooth aerial. This technology allows the mobile applications to identify the position for delivery of hyper-contextual content on micro-local scale. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication method for working. Such type of communications mainly consists of advertisements broadcasted at regular intervals via Beacons or BLE enabled other devices using radio waves.

Marketing scenario is changing fast in the modern world with the latest technologies opening up the playing field for businesses to optimize the associated benefits. Location based advertising is the in-thing these days with iBeacon being one of the most talked-about innovations in this regard. So wouldn't you like to join these exciting technology developments and the chances that it offers to you? If the answer is yes, then why waste any more time, visit the website to expand your horizons.

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