Ghana Civilization

Emily and Julia

Living in a gold and salt rich area and along the river influenced the way of life. They collect a toll on all goods entering or leaving the land. River made trade easier. They lived in north west Africa in a gold- salt rich land. Mix of religion and starts with traditional religion : nature god. Islam was cultural force reached islam 700- 800. Islam first appealed to elites (rich people) they were involved with , trade so they had more contact and connection to other places and cultures. Lower people we farmers so they had no appeal with islam at first took a long time to reach the. Rituals nature gods mix of religions. First great trading state in western Africa. Located in upper Niger river valley a grassland region between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the west african coast. Most people living in area were farmers living in villages under the authority of a local ruler villages former the kingdom. King's were strong leaders they didn’t have any laws. Well trained armies,had iron and gold and skilled blacksmiths made the iron ore into weapons.

The religion for the Ghana Kingdom was Islam and the Traditional African Religion.


  • iron ore: created agricultural tools ; and weapons
  • agriculture: fertile soil and iron tools helped farmers produce food for economy to grow
  • gold mining: near one of africa’s gold rich producers
  • trade: traded with muslims (islam); exchanged iron and gold for salt , metal goods, and textile and horses

Similarities with Kongo and Ghana

  • both practiced islam and their own religion
  • gold trades
  • the trade influenced the economies
  • used the rivers for trade

Differences with Kongo and Ghana

  • kongo was south west and Ghana was north-west
  • Ghana is in the sahara and congo is in the rain forest

The Ghana Empire didn't use much of their time on art,  therefore art wasn't a very large piece of the culture at the time, people spent their time on was, collecting their multiple amount of gold. Art is not what the Ghana Empire is known for there were many mosques found from the ancient empire that were very large and extremely ornate.These clay figures were important people or of animals, these were made to show a certain level of respect. The picture below is of one of these small clay figures.

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