The Cuban Missile Crisis

"When the Cold War got hot".

Who: United States, Soviet Union, Cuba

What: soviet missiles in Cuba pointed towards the United States.

When: October 14 - 28 1962, naval blockade October 24, 1962 - November 20, 1962

Where: Cuba, Caribbean Sea.

Why: the Soviet Union thought to put missiles in Cuba to confront the missiles that the United States put in turkey.

Summary: in October 1962 a US spy plane found soviet missiles in Cuba pointed at the US. On October 24, 1962, after several meetings JFK launched a naval blockade around Cuba to try to force the soviets union to get rid of the missiles in Cuba. On October 28, 1962 the US and the Soviet Union came to an agreement that the missiles will be taken out of Cuba if the US gets rid of their missiles in turkey. At the end their was 1 US spy plane shot down and no other casualty.

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