My experience in baseball

by: Brayden Thomas

Baseball is so cool. I'm getting better at it but sometimes their are some errors. I play catcher, it may look easy but its not. You have  lot of responsibilities being a catcher. Your making sure the runner doesn't run to the other bases, and not miss the ball when the pitcher throws it to you so the runner doesn't steal home. You better always be ready because you don't know where he is going to throw it. If your not paying attention you can miss the ball when the pitcher throws it to you and the runner on base can steal the other bases while your running to the backstop to get the ball.

I'm trying to catch a ball

When your catching, you can see the whole field so the guys in the field haft to listen to me. So when somebody hits the ball in the outfield I have to tell them to throw it to 2, which is second base. If they miss the ball I haft to tell them to throw it to 3, which is third base. Striking out, getting pegged by the ball, and swinging at bad pitches can make you nervous. The last game I played with a hurt pinky, and I got two RBI'S. But I got out though because I hit it to first base. When I got up to hit everybody clapped for me because they knew I had a hurt pinky. At first I was doubting to hit because my pinky was hurting, but I was glad I hit because I got two guys in.

I'm getting ready to catch the ball.

What if you swing the bat and hit it, you feel like your awesome. Sometimes it hurts when you hit the ball, that's because you hit it where it is about to hit your hand but it doesn't. Plus when you hit a base hit, the crowd cheers for you. I play for the cubs at Sokal park. Where all of the soccer fields are. we play against the Cardinals, Black Bears, Angels, Reds, Moundville Yankees, and Orials. They are really tough to beat, but we beat some of them.

I am giving the signals to the pitcher

But I play on a baseball field, it would be awkard if I didn't. There are All Stars and I want to make it really bad, so I'm going to try my best to make it. I'm so lucky to be on a good baseball team. We all try our best to win the game, but the best thing about this is teamwork. Teamwork is really important because if you don't know what to do, your friends on your team can help you. Even if we lose, we still tried our best. we also had teamwork. This is my experience in baseball.

Action shot!

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