Is It All Just Talk

The Black and Brown Conversation

I was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #61

I would truly hope not, but numbers tell a different story! Black unemployment in 2015 is still twice that of whites. Hispanic unemployment is just about 2% greater than whites.

Why is this? What is it blacks and brown citizens in this country must do to get these numbers under control and in lines with other races?

Over the past few weeks I have met an amazing class of people, since joining the ranks of the West Valley Chamber of Commerce and I must say I like what I see.

The go getters!

Hungry for success and succeeding, by serving the needs of others, craving relief in unsecured times! What a beautiful thing! People help people, get through it all!

Before for I finish and should I forget, I want to thank everyone sincerely from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for allowing me the time, to share my business, expectation and vision.

Technology is here to stay! It will be hear long after we’re gone. Ever improving and needing improvements! In the hands of a watchful eye technology could do and is doing great things. However there are always elements which mean to do us harm.

My brother and I have this ongoing saying we laugh about from time to time. It’s from an Eddie Murphy movie, Vampire in the Bronx. “Without evil there is on good, necessary evil”.

Well, necessary evil has gone on, far too long!

This necessary evil has festered into deception, manipulation and corruption. This gangrene of abuse, hampering our citizens must be stopped at all cost, for its impact is destroying the very fiber of our existence.

We are our brother’s keeper; however we must keep ourselves well in the process.

Starting my business has taught me so much. It has made me pursue material, which I’m elated I spent the time learning and understanding.

We may never control how our technology is given or used; however, we can never let technology control us completely in relation to life altering matters.

Sad to say, we are!

This doesn’t mean run for the hills, the end of the world is coming. Heavens no! Course correcting, order of importance, mental stimulation in short burst for long term effects, could prevent foreseeable disaster.

I never like to tell anyone what to do unless; I’m the boss, than it’s necessary. I’m only making a suggestion! Giving you an educated analysis of a monumental concern plaguing this country and for that matter the world!

We are our data and that data is telling a story. What is your data saying about you?

Should you choose to stop here, please go to?

If you can successfully navigate your way through all three reports, fantastic, I’m speaking to the choir.

If you know a guy/gal, who know a guy/gal and you trust the guy/gal you know and he or she tells you everything is copesthetic, marvelous!

But if you have the slightest doubt about the language in these reports, attend one of my free Sunday workshops and get the 411 on what you’re saying to decision makers, who you will never meet.

Decision makes who have the power to change the course of your future, because you may lack the knowledge need to master your data and how it’s being shared.

We have entrusted organizations to massive amount of data and they are getting it wrong, because they have been compromised and we are paying the price for it.

Higher interest rates


Employment opportunities

Business Growth

Marital Stress

Other unmentionable, I choose not to list; all for what, I ask?

Again, your data is telling your story! What is your data saying about you?

If you chose to continue reading, because I’m making sense and I have you wondering; thank you kindly! That was my intention.

I can get rather wordy; however, sometimes the long version is better than the short version and is necessary. For we keep hitting the repeat button and not moving forward.

Life is about moving forward! There are no repeats or do overs! We were not meant to live our lives in reverse. Making the same mistakes unintentionally, because of a lack of knowledge or skills, I find this hard to comprehend.

We are a nation of 4 generations, which has overcome monumental adversities, making us the super power we are, which the world turns too in times of need. However, an ailment has fallen upon us and we have the tool to prevent further damage; for the solution was directly in front of us all along.

You are your own person! You will do as you choose and no one will make you do what you don’t want, for this is what makes us individuals, independent and true. But if you are reading this you're also understanding, open minded, opportunistic and will do whatever necessary to protect yours from unnecessary harm.

Along my way; establishing my business, I’m continuously seeking means and methods to enhance either one’s personal life or business life. There is nothing better than free! Sometimes you have to pay to play, so goes the saying. As long as there is value, tangible value!

The West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce and all Chambers are true assets. If you operate a business; are not part of your Chamber of Commerce, you are doing your community and your business a disservice. Politics aside, this is about growth and longevity.

So join your local chamber. Not because I’m telling! Your personal, business and future self will thank you!

The West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce is amazing. A powerful investment!

So back to this free topic!

Give me 15 minutes or if you’re ready to get started right now, let’s do it! Receive a free phone card swipe for your time.

Phone swipe you ask? Before you continue, let me ask you?

Do you have a smart device?

Are you mobile and on the go?

Do you sell products or offer services?

Are you a closer?

If you don’t have a card swipe, you are leaving money on the table. You are losing a sell every time you don’t have the required method of accepting payment from a potential consumer. Invest in a card swipe! Do your homework! Check the rates and go with what fits within your budgets, but get a phone swipe!

I have a free one for you, for 15 minutes more of your time!

We are always looking for growth and this will be a forever on going; endless task. We must grow as individuals and professional. Growing is survival and security!

This growth is coming at a cost! What was once considers our best means of growing, banks and credit unions! Technology has opened new and exciting alternative to banks and credit unions. We have crowed funding, angel investors and private lenders just to name a few. However, it all means nil if the conditions are not favorable for all involved.

Credit unions are still far more favorable without a doubt! Banks, questionable! Banks, you only have banks to blame. Remove the super high risk associated with your product, which only benefit you and you may see yourself with more business.

Should you choose not, the expansion of other credit and lending mechanisms, will ever invade this space?

Should your business have a funding or financing need, I could be in a position to assist your business growth.

Lastly, as our business skills evolve, positive bottom line and profit will secure our future. A door should never remain shut if it can maximize the margin and reduce loss.

If you gave me $10 dollars and I gave you back $30 dollars in return, a 30% minimum return, would you be interested?



Low Cost

Max Return

Repeat Business

Saving On Essential

Personalized and Branded for maximum presentation and impact

Sounds like a no brainer!

An ever changing world requires ever changing methods and methodology. “Free your mind and the rest will follow”.

I saw this image and it was a fitting end to this post.

Do you fall within 2% of the population or within 98% of the population? You have to decide!

This has been so much fun!

Again, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you for your time and allowing me the opportunity to share and engage.

You can find all my contact information with the link provided West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce The FEEL Center Project LLC profile

I’m changing the way we view, address and solve our financial concerns. It’s time to get financially fit!

Remove the fear!

Eliminate the doubt!

I was tired of hearing the system was broken, so I decided to do something about it.

An added extra bonus, I want to share with everyone the best welcome anyone could ever get. My new friends @Thrive clearly know how to welcome a guy!

I’m brand new to Thrive, but what a valuable resources!

Thrive on!

All the best everyone for you and yours! Stay happy healthy and be safe in your day to day travels.

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