February 2015

Mark your calendars for these upcoming tech/innovation events:

  • 2/4: Wired Wednesday (eBooks)
  • 2/18: Wired Wednesday
  • 2/25: TechNet Conference (we have 5 staff members attending; follow their thoughts on Twitter with #kctechnet)

Things to Note

  • #BlazerChat will start at our staff meeting on Thursday 2/5!  We are thinking outside of the box, so unlike normal Twitter chats, ours will be over the course of a week with one question posed per day.  We hope you will all consider participating.  It's a perfect way to learn from colleagues and to get some new ideas.
  • Register NOW for EdCamp Liberty! If you have never been to an EdCamp, it is the most unique PD you'll ever experience. Anyone can facilitate a discussion on any topic-- those who have a topic they want to discuss can sign up on the day. You can pop in and out of discussions, even in the middle of a session. It's very casual, and the goal is for everyone to leave with new ideas and having had meaningful discussions with colleagues (not having been talked at for hours on end by an "expert").
  • Anyone who attends EdCamp Liberty from LC will be able to wear jeans the WHOLE WEEK of 3/9-3/13!!!  One day of awesome discussion, networking, and PD for an entire week of comfort... sounds like a great deal! Sign up now!
  • Once you sign up for EdCamp Liberty, think about what you're passionate about.  Do you love blogging in your classroom?  Have you become a believer in flex seating?  Are there a few iPad apps your students love?  Do you have some good critical thinking activities/instructional strategies? Come that day with your ideas in mind, and consider signing up to facilitate a discussion (alone or with someone).

Tip of the Month:  #28daysofwriting

How it works: Visit this blog for more information!  The challenge is to write for 28 minutes a day for 28 days.  Officially, it started Feb. 1, but make it work for you and/or your class.

Why you might like it: Many students are blogging, but for what?  Is it for assignments you give, or for the love of writing and sharing ideas/passions with the world?  This is an interesting idea to "re-energize and kickstart" a blog and a creative writing habit, according to the idea's founder, Tom Barrett (@tombarrett).  It may be intended for individuals, but what if your CLASS took this challenge together (yes, you too!)?

Thought of the Month:  

Click here to view the list of student self-reflection questions Jamie found for us.