Master Charter

Welcome to Adriatic - Feel the Breeze of Wind with the Grain of Salt

We love the beauty of Croatian coast with all our heart and we are 100% sure it will leave you breathless. We were born and grew up in Croatia and would like to share it with people of good will.

Master Charter is a licensed Croatian charter company with headquarters in Zagreb. Master Charter is a trademark under which we operate for the international market.

Catamaran sailing in Croatia

Although the principles of sailing are the same for both catamarans and monohulls, there are some “peculiarities” to sailing catamarans. Discovering catamaran Croatia charter and rentals with Master Charter.

Introduction to Sailing

If you’re new to sailing, or just want to freshen up on your skipper skills, be sure to check this out - The Online Sailboat Racing Guide – a fun game explaining the basics of sailing. You’ll need the Flash plugin for this one. And you know where to go for the real thing, right? Have fun!

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