Some Friendly Advice if You or Someone You Know Is Feeling Down:

I don't like seeing people sad so I try to help as best I can, when I can. When friends are feeling sad or going through hard times I like to talk to them and try and make them feel better. I ask them what is making them feel that way and what they think about what they are going through. Everyone's life is different and everyone has a different way of handling hard times. I like to just listen to them for a little bit, not saying anything until they are done, and then I tell them that they are strong. I give them hugs because that's what I like when I am feeling down.

I also like taking them out. I like going out to the mall or movies or just to walk around. It helps me take my mind off of the things that are making me feel down and it also helps just to have a friend around who believes in you and cares about you.

Another thing I tell them they could do is take up a hobby, for example, I like reading. It's good to have something that you can use as an escape for when things are getting just a little too much to handle. It's like an anchor that keeps you steady, to keep you from floating away.

What I Am Grateful For:

1.  I am very, very, very, (if you haven't gotten the idea yet...) VERY grateful for music. I love listening to it, I love playing it, and I absolutely love singing it. I am grateful that music is in the world and it is an awesome way to express one's feelings/thoughts.

2. I am grateful for having my brother. He has always been there for me and I know I can count on him to always be there for me. He always has my back when everyone is trying to stab it. He sticks up for me and I know that he will always protect me. I could never ask for anyone better to have as a sibling.

3. I am grateful for my friends. They are people I can have a good time with and be silly with.

4. I am grateful for my family, because they mean everything to me.

5. I am grateful for books because they give me something to do and are great for escaping for a little bit.

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3 years ago

Thoughtful and complete. Book recommendations?