The Rappahanock Tribe - KMG

By : Kaylee Gorman


The Rappahannock natives are just north of the Canadian border but to the south of the Ohio River.

The Language they Speak

The Rappahannock tribe speaks the Algonquian language .


The Rappahannok tribe lives off of the Three Sisters , corn , bean , and squash . They also grow other crops . The woman picked plants , nuts , and berries . The men hunted fish for there contribution of food .


This tribes products are

. Bark canoes                      . Stone artifacts                   . Bear grease

. Bows and arrows            . Deer skin clothes             . Pottery

. Chipped stone axes        . Breech cloth                       


These natives use wood and bark to make canoes which is their main way of transportation . They use dry mud to help build houses. They killed deer for clothes and leaves and feathers for ceremonial  outfits. This tribe used dried grass for hair ties .

before settlers

The natives had no written language. They hunted,cut down wood,and did not have diseases . They made changes to the environment they gave them advantages .  

After Contact with Settlers

Sadly after the settlers came many of the Eastern Wood Lands died because the settlers came to their land and gave many diseases . They also came in and took land . Settlers broke many promises about sharing the land and murdered most natives . The settlers held most to slavery