My cabin smelt like rose

Country set near wonderful landscapes

I'm not here to talk about cabins or irish mountains.

I should start with the presentation of our nice senior. His name's Eugene, or maybe EugeneS... He liked talking about the *poteen, a drink Irish keep jealously the secret. I believe he was a good celtic who respected the lore.

So famous, his face have sculpted on memorial in Dublin's park.

I'd like to point out one thing, the gaelic culture. There're many to learn, sometimes they bang on drums or they like tapping their foot on the ground for gaelic dances. And chiefly, they apply the law about the beer's purchase.

I put in my basket many things which an ordinary student could buy, I took cherry tomatoes, pork sausages, black pudding and cans of Guiness (a souvenir gift).          Then the cashier looked at my cans and said "identity pliz"!!  OK game over , I leave you just with my cherry tomatoes and my pork...

seriously, it was a perfect week, nice times.

To finish, this is the best photo of the trip:   

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