Lonely. Envious. Angry

All I wanted was...

To be listened to

A clean blanket and bed

Freedom to go where I want

To matter and be noticed

A friend to talk to

But I didn't want...

To be threatened

To be bothered by someone who doesn't care

To have nothing of my own

No one to talk to

To be ignored and treated like a piece of black junk

All that Crooks wants is a friend, someone to listen to him. Nobody asks him to come play poker or go to a whore house. He just wants to associate with anyone else, but he is treated like a slave. Crooks wants things, objects like a bed and a room away from the poop and hay in the barn. Fitting in with the rest, may be what he hungers for the most. Acceptance.

  • When Crooks talks to Lennie, he acts mean,  has a condescending tone and keeps antagonizing him.
  • When he talks to Curley's wife, he says very little and has a forced respect towards her whenever she or anyone else is around because if he doesn't, he could be fired, beaten and/or killed by lynching.
  • Although Candy was awkward towards Crooks, Crooks was harsh and blunt and has sort of a sarcastic attitude.
  • Crooks treats people differently depending on their authority rank. He wouldn't talk to George or Slim the way he talks to Lennie because George and Slim could put him in his place and/or kill/hurt him

Crooks adds to the theme by his whole life changing from when he was growing up. Crooks didn't grow up with racism being an issue since he was a child and the children didn't care about color. His family had their own farm and had a fairly decent life so, when Crooks came to Curley's family's farm, he wasn't used to the racism, disrespect, lack of company and nothing to really call his own

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