A Reality Check:

The ramblings of an intelligent, educated, middle-aged man

Chapter 1: Who cares?

I've always been academically gifted and excelling in school came naturally to me. I earned straight A's on progress reports as far back as I can remember. Graduated college with a 4.0 GPA and highest honors and earned a Master's Degree with a 3.87 GPA. The "B" which yielded the 3.87 was unfair evaluation of a biased female professor who refused to give any male student an "A." Subsequent research into her teaching history proved this to be fact and not just the opinion of a disgruntled overachiever. Due to the ease at which I achieved academic success, I decided to become an adjunct college professor. The whole tenure-track process, the low pay and the politics of moving up the ladder in a full-time academic career had very little appeal to me. Instead, I owned a small business and chose college instruction as a secondary income source.

The last 15 years of my life were spent in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. I loved living there and had great financial success at times. I dated and married incredibly beautiful women, met several celebrities, worked on a full length television documentary for A&E television network, traveled to three different continents for vacations and lived a comfortable life. I miss Las Vegas everyday. but the Las Vegas life I lived is no longer available to me due to the economic slump that has lasted over five years now in America. My teaching position lost funding due to a 27% university wide budget cut at UNLV. This is not some excuse to cover up wrongdoing on my part or something lacking in my teaching job performance, whole departments were dessimated by this huge budget cut. The Women's Studies and Philosophy Departments no longer exist at UNLV and over 400 other academic positions, including mine, perished due to lack of continued funding. Additionally, my prior consistent business revenue of more than $7000/month, dwindled to less than $2500/month after the economic collapse of 2008. I had to short-sell both my home and a rental property I owned and cut out vacations and other luxuries.

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