Scientific Notation

Vocabulary To Know

Exponent- how many times you multiply the base by itself

Ex.        3⁴ = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3

Coefficient- the number that is left over after you take away all the zeros

Ex.       300,000 = 3 x 10⁵


When you are doing scientific notation you first will have a really big number,


And you will have to make an equation with that number

400,000,000 = 4

The next step is to ask 'How many zeros were in that number?' Then however many zeros were in it, will become your exponent to your 10 or you can move the decimal to the left until all the zeros are behind it.

4 x 10⁸

Got it? Okay, why don't we try some together.


Write a scientific notation for each problem.

1.) 70,000

2.) 500

More To Know

If you get a number like this


You don't freak, and move the decimal to the right as many times as you need


Then however many numbers that are to the left of the decimal is the exponent

5.6 x 10-⁷

You put a negative in front of the exponent because you moved the decimal the opposite way


1.)   .00000049

2.)    .00000005


Now I want you to try to write the actual number to a scientific notation.

1.) 3 x 10^-⁹

2.) 14 x 10^⁰

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