Introduction to Cells

What are cells:

The basic building blocks of life.

They are the microscopic

Cell Theory

All living organisms are made of cells

This means that any biotic factor has at least 1 cell

Cells are the building blocks of life

this means that the cells are what make up humans/biotic factor

Cells are made of other cells

This means that the pre-exsiting cells are split into more and more cells that create life

Characteristics of Living Things

1: Living things must have at least one or more cells

2: Every living thing must have S.W.A.T.S to survive (sun,water,air,temperature,soil)

3: All living things reproduce

4: All living things get rid of waste

5: All living things have to obtain and use energy

6: All living things grow in some way

7: All living things respond and adapt to their environment

An example for the first one is that one of the few smallest things is a bacteria and it is living with one cell running their bodies.

An example for number 2 is plants have to have water soil the right temperature sun and air to survive

An example for number three is a baby panda

An example of number 5 could be someone eating and then running

An example for number 4 is when someone sweats

An example for number 6 is someone growing a few inches