challenging Australian Identity

In the podcast they are discussing which parts of Australia they are`nt proud of and these things include: being racist and having prejudice to minority groups such as the Muslim community, treatment of indigenous peoples, labeling each other as bogans, idiots etc, not being willing to accept people from different ethnic backgrounds.Much of the discussion is based around the idea of `Reclaim Australia`, which is the idea that Australia should go back to the way it was when we were federated, when we didn't have any different ethnic groups or the influences of different religions weren't around.

There are many events that have occurred in Australian history that Australians should be ashamed of but many wont because they see themselves as true-blue Australians and don`t believe they should be made to feel ashamed because of what happened. One event that happened is the Stolen Generation. The Stolen Generation were children of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who were taken from their parents by Federal and State Government agencies and placed into church mission agencies and white families. These actions took place between 1909 and 1969. I believe that Australians should be ashamed that this occurred and our government and politicians at the time allowed it to happen.  

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2 years ago

Good Work! You bring in some interesting perspectives. It would be nice to see some more of your own perspectives and some personal reflection that goes a little deeper.