How to Sell Consulting Services

Most of us have a dream of starting own venture. But there is always a risk associated with a start-up. But, you can’t achieve anything without taking some risks. Following a few ground rules for the same is always advised.

What are the basic steps to set up a successful consulting service?

There are various consulting services in India. To stand out, you need to make sure you stand out and connect to the right audience. Make a list of prospective clients. Make a group email consisting of the prospects list. Send them an attractive and capturing sales letter to convince them. Also, while sending out the mails, make sure they are personalised. It gives the sense of commitment and seriousness which is very important for your first step of the relation.

What else should be taken care of while writing the letter?

Your letter needs to start off on an attractive note. Make sure it catches their attention. Have some catchy subject and one liner to start off your proposal letter. The most important part after you have caught the right attention is, a good crisp explanation of what your business plans to offer a client. What is the procedure that you plan to follow, what exactly are the services you are planning to offer, how will the client benefit out of it etc. are the points that need to be covered in your sales pitch letter. Also, at the end of the letter, make sure you give you contact details. Your contact details need to be accessible and prominent, so that when the client wants to get back to you it is not a hassle to find your details.

Other ways to get customers for consulting service

One of the basic traditional ways you can swear by is good advertising. There are various forms of advertising you can try. Billboard advertising, social media advertising, radio advertising, Google advertising, online advertising are a few kinds of advertising that might work for your business. Just make sure you are targeting the right people. Other way is to directly call your client regarding your offers. This might not be a very pleasant way, but then again, there have been some good success stories in the past with the help of this way.

So, try breaking into your new consulting business with these basic go to rules. They have worked wonders for consulting businesses in general. While there are many companies offering consultancy services in India, cultivating these basics can put you in the league of established professionals in the field in a decent span of time! All the best for your new venture!