My name is Annie. I'm a freshman over at Central High school. I'm a auntie of 2 nephews, 2 niece and 1 more coming next year. I have 5 caring sisters and I'm the youngest out all 6 sisters. I have 9 friends that I've known for 3 almost 4 years now. I have people that I admire too. I like writing more than reading because I can write how I feel everyday and when ever I'm mad I write. I love playing volleyball. It's like one of my favorite sports. I've played volleyball for 3 years, after that I kind of stop because I didn't have time to play sports and do my homework. Facebook is mostly where I post up things and tell friends how I feel and chat with them.

Left to right- youa lee (oldest),kabao lee (third oldest), porchee lee (second oldest), Annie (me youngest), Nalee (fourth oldest), and Pader (fifth oldest).

6 month old nephew

Sebastian Yileng chang

I have people I admire like Frankie Mir yang. He's not famous like Justin bieber, Selena Gomez, or Taylor swift. He was just famous because of his Hmong vines on Facebook and because he makes videos on YouTube. He's like a rolemodel to me because he speaks his mind. I'm helping support him, bought his t-shirt and hoodie the other yesterday and Saturday.

Left to right- lyvia vang, Jayden chakong vang, and Vivian vang.

Nephew and nieces

These girls has been there for me through thick and thin. We got each other's back. Even though we have our ups and down we're still there for each other. I've known most of these girls for 3 almost 4 years now. Even though now that we're all freshman's and most of us goes to different schools, we still manage to find a time to hang out and reunite again. Which last weekend was river center Hmong new year we were there all three days to just hang out and have a laugh together again.

From left to right-

Becky vue, Paj der vang, Annie (me), Judy thao, BriTtney yang, gaochia lee, and lily thao.