My Amazing Trip To Indiana!!

created by: Mikayla Long

This is indinan and there are so many things you can do! Here are some of them!

During my trip to indiana me my sister and dad went to a supercross race with our friend. This is the Lucas Oil Stadium where the New York Gaints and the Patriots played! Inside the satadium it is huge. Are tickets were 35$ a ticket and are seat was amazing, but the higher up you go the more expensive you get!

This is the layout of the track . To build the track they have to lay plywood over the grass and bring in tons and tons of dirt to cover the whole stadium!

Monster Energy Sponsered the race!

Of course any where you go you have to have food. Well at the race they have tons of good food. They even have people walking up and down the isle with coolers of drinks! You could have anything from water to acholic drinks for adults. You could even get jucice!

Whenever the racers would come out they would shine a spotlight on them and everyone would cheer!

This is where they line up for thier heat.

They did so many cool and amazing jumps

This is what the finish line looks like, fire blows out from the side, when the first place winner jumps through it!

They let HUGE fireworks off in the closed stadium it was Awsome!!

When the racers first started out, they would all be in a big bunch and some would even crash!

This is one of my favorite racers Kevin Windham. He is number 14

This was the winner of the lucas oil staduim race!

He is number 956 and he is know as Dragon Alliance!

Now for the Children's Muesum .......

When you first drive up to the museum you see the picture at the bottom and it is so cool. You might think this is a little werid for an older kid but it is actully really cool! If I liked it anyone else would;]

The dinosaurs are almost life size but a bit bigger.

When you first walk into the building there was the actul bumble bee from the movie Transformers! It would spin and it would talk but it didn't sound real! [but maybe to little kids]

This is the section about dinosuars. The whole room makes sounds like your in a junjle it sounds like rain, thunder, lighting, and dinosuar roars!!

In this museam there alot of hands on activites for younger kids. The picture below is computer games about dinosuars.

This is the Dig Site where you can dig in like this dirt form and find dinosaur bones [ fun].!

The museam has 4 stories and this glass statue goes through every story talk about amazing!!

The glass is called Fireworks Of Glass!

This is under the big statue where you can lay under all the glass and look up at it. You can probably imagine how colerful it is under there

This is an up close picture at the deatiled glass!

This is the Lego exibit which is totally cool!

This is a hands on activity for kids the lego's are as big as brick or bigger!!

This is a lego statue of the mesuam but alot smaller;]

Another statue but taller than school ceilings:]

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