You Got Served

The Game That Will Make History

I pose there anxiously swaying side to side. My hands are shaking like an earthquake. I take a deep breath tasting fear. I look down my knees are bent . I look up at my opponent seeing the fire in her eyes her hands clenched around her tennis racket as she licks her lips.I hear the crowd in the background cheering us on.I could smell the sweat from my armpits.I see the net separating us. She chucks the ball in the air and makes a loud Arugh sound.

I see the ball coming flying at me.My opponet stares right at my face.I could feel my face get scrunched up and my muciles get tenced .The crowed went dead silent.I swing my racket at the ball and get and get a shock in my arm.I hear the wind from the ball while it goes flying away from me.I tast the saliva in my mouth and the sweet from my four-head.

I watch the ball go flying into her face. laughing feeling proud of myself.But then she starts to cry I thought it was a baby in the crowed but no. You could hear the crowd going ohhhew. I start feeling bad for her because i thought I might get in trouble for it.She drops to the ground. She looks up at me she has a pig nose.She looks mad and aggressive.I put my hands to my mouth and say i'm sorry hiding my smile.But now i feel like a bully. The paramedics arrive and say she has a broken nose. So she went to hospital and I went home.


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