Your Headline

1.All the groups were involved and had a specific type of power not MSU's. The guerillas had the most MSU's but the peasants had a double vote.

2.The power shifted between the Army & wealthy and the guerillas. The power was shifting between them because they both had a lot of MSU's and they both wanted power.

3.Conflict was going between everyone because they all wanted a vote and more MSU's. The person who had the most "power" won the game but the final say was up to the US. They had the final say because they are the most powerful country and they had the power to invade Guatemala. Then their was also cooperation in who would vote for who and treaties.

4.The US didn't have a bring role during the game but when it came to the end of the game they had the biggest say. They just sat back and watched everything going on until the end when they decided they didn't like the what the guerillas were going to do so they invaded Guatemala and took over the country.

 5.When the power shifted to the guerillas the Army & wealthy didn't like it because they wanted the power but they didn't have enough "power" to "win."

6.Conflict  in my life might be when my parents what me home at a specific time and I might want to stay out a little longer than what they say but at the end hey have the final say what happens. Cooperation that might also happen is when they say that they want me to get all my homework before I go out because I understand they don't want my grades to drop.

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