Causes of World War I

By: Jose Gonzalez, Enrique Diaz, justin Diaz, Matthew downing, Eric Jimenez

BANG!!!! BANG!!! War???

In 1908, Austria took over Bosnia and Herzegovina. These were two Balkan areas with large Slavic populations. Serbian leaders who had sought to rule these provinces, were outraged. In the years that followed, tension between Serbia and Austria steadily rose. The servers bowed to take Bosnia and Herzegovina from Austria. In response to these threats, Austria-Hungary vowed to crush any Serbian effort to undermine its authority in the Balkans.

Archduke Ferdinand Dead!

June 28, 1914- Let us have a moment of silence for the loss Archduke Ferdinand. Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife were both assassinated by Serbian Rebels known as the Black hand. The increase of nationalism amongst european countries has caused friction between each other. The assassination of Ferdinand has only fueled the heat between these near countries.

War is Declared!

July 28, 1914- A month following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary prepares for a possible military invasion from Serbia by asking Germany for support. Kaiser Wilhelm pledges his support for Austria-Hungary in the case that Russia intervenes to defend Serbia.

Allies Have Been Formed!

Allies have now been formed. On the Austrian-Hungary side we have: Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy. These three forces are known as the Triple Alliance. On the Serbian side we have: Russia, Great Britain, and France. These forces fighting for Serbia are known as the triple entente. Will more alliances continue to be formed through Europe, creating an unstoppable war?

US Under Attack?

January 16, 1917- A secret telegram sent by Arthur Zimmermann to Count Johann von Bernstorff, the German ambassador to the United States. This secret telegram was named the German Enigma, which is the way all of the German ships and commanders shared their locations and strategies. Enigma would send out random numbers that form as letters on a keyboard that would all reset after one day. After the message being decoded, it has become clear what the Germans had intended. In the telegram, it was said that if Germany ever went into war with the US, Mexico would be asked to fight for the German side. In return of having Mexico as allies, Germany promised to return Mexico its land back from the US.

"Pill box demolishers" being unloaded on the Western Front. These enormous shells weighed 1,400 lbs. Their explosions made craters over 15 ft. deep and 15 yards across. (Australian official photographs/State Library of New South Wales)

Members of the German Red Cross, carrying bottle of liquid to revive those who have succumbed to a gas attack. (AP Photo)

"The Bashar al- Assad regime's use of poison gas— a weapon first deployed in the trench warfare of 1914, then outlawed because world opinion viewed it as barbaric— nearly precipitated American air strikes."

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