Characterization: Guy Montag

3rd Generation Fireman

Indirectly: Strange

Guy Montag is indirectly characterized as odd in Fahrenheit 451. One example is how Montag enjoys the smell of kerosene, and says how it's, "nothing but perfume to me," which to most people, the smell would be foul, or gross. Though this is not directly exclaimed in the story, but the reader could get that impression of Montag as being odd, weird, or strange.

Directly: Intellegent

Guy Montag is directly characterized as intelligent in Fahrenheit 451. An example is when he was trying to escape from the mechanical hound, he uses Faber's smelly clothes to elude the hound of his scent. This shows that Montag is bright, and clever enough to get away from the government's watchdog. This is an idea that the reader can come up with when describing Montag.

Bradbury, Ray. "Fahrenheit 451."

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