Things to consider when booking a room in a guest house in Delhi

New Delhi is an awesome city to be in. There are forts; there is a great variety of food; and there are places to hang out for hours with friends and family. Whether you’re visiting the city along with your family for a vacation or for business purpose, if you’re booking your stay in a guest house in Delhi, make sure you check out the things that we are about to share with you before you pay:

The location matters… a lot

Delhi is vast. Staying in a guest house in Delhi which is far from strategic places would require giving more time in transportation than to enjoy the places. So make sure the guest house that you are about to book in Delhi enjoys a strategic placement in the city. If you have no idea about the ideal locations in the city, you better speak to a friend who knows the city or check online.

Don’t forget to compare the facilities and charges

Do not book your room in the very first guest house in Delhi that you find online or get recommendation from a friend. Take time to speak to the staff at other guest houses in Delhi and see what they have to offer in terms of facilities and tariff. Also check what’s included or not included in the charges.

Recreational activities

Delhi is hot these days. So you may like to spend your afternoons in the guest house in Delhi. In such a condition, it is important that the guest house in Delhi has ample of recreational activities to offer. Also check whether they can help you explore the city.

What about the food?

Delhi is rich in terms of its food offerings. The top guest houses offer the best food and drink experience to their guests. But some guest houses may not have adequate infrastructure to offer you that perfect dining experience. So this is important that you check with the staff at the guest house in Delhi as to what you can expect in terms of food and drinks during your stay in their guest house.

Last, but certainly not the least, the city boasts of hundreds of guest houses, bed & breakfasts, and hotels. Accommodation is generally not a problem; but we still recommend you booking your room well in advance so that you do not have to come across any last minute inconvenience. Also ensure to communicate to the staff whether you’d like to be picked from the station/airport or would come on your own.

Search online through Google for a well reputed guest house in Delhi. You can also check for the service apartments in New Delhi. For more on the city and its accommodations, please read our other articles.