Guest Blogger: Cleveland+

Love for all of Northeast Ohio by Ashley Basile Oeken, Executive Director of E!C

January 21st, 2014

As a Northeast Ohioan for all my life, I can truly say that Northeast Ohio has it going on.

I grew up in Boardman, a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio and got to enjoy some of the amazing things only a Rust Belt City can truly appreciate. After completing a Master’s degree, I moved to Cleveland where I worked for a regional organization that truly enabled me to take in all of Northeast Ohio. Here are some of my favorites.

Youngstown – there is not a better place for dinner in downtown Youngstown than MVR. It is a classic Italian joint with the best “hot chips” and Tressel tortellini anywhere – an ode to the famous Jim Tressel. Every time I head back to Youngstown to visit friends and family, MVR is on my list followed of course by the best martinis I have ever come across at Imbibe…a martini bar that features over 100 different flavors. If you are looking to spend a night on the town, I highly recommend the cocktails here. Some of my other favorite spots in Youngstown include the Draught House for a cheap beer or V2 for a glass of wine. During the day, Youngstown has plenty to offer as well.Mill Creek Park boasts Lanterman’s Mill, an old mill that produces meal and flour, Fellows Riverside Garden, which features some of the most amazing horticulture you have ever seen and Glacier Lake, which is simply breathtaking. (Lanterman’s Mill pictured below. Photo courtesy of The City of Youngstown's website)