Anne Hutchinson

By Maddie G.

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Anne Hutchinson

     Anne Hutchinson came to America in 1634 with her fifteen children and husband, William Hutchinson. She came to America with thousands of others from England who wanted to practice Puritan freely. They did so, following reverend John Cotton’s lead to New England. She was hoping for religious freedom. Soon to follow, disagreements of freedom of thoughts and ideas have occurred between her and John Cotton. Anne Hutchinson was determined to speak her mind. Puritans didn't believe in this though. So therefore, her plan was to start women meetings in her home. The women discussed their feelings of beliefs and what they thought of women's rights. These meetings were a threat to men's right and the Puritans. A man named John Winthrop was entitled to find a legal way to stop her stating her views and beliefs. In November of 1637, she was taken into custody. She was charged of violating the fifth commandment, "honor your mother and father" and having meetings with women who should have been taking care of their families. She had pleaded guilty and was band from the Civil Court. She then packed up her belongings and took her family to Providence, Rhode Island. She and most of her family died in 1643 by being attacked by Native Americans. So exactly, what was her part in colonial American history? She was fighting for women's rights and to let every women speak her own opinion and views!

Anne Hutchinson's trial

Anne and her family moved to Providence, Rhode Island after she pleaded guilty in Boston.

Anne Hutchinson and her daughter

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