Guide to Achieve a Great Fit, While Choosing a Thobe for Your Kid

Muslim kids should be taught the importance of wearing traditional Islamic clothes right from childhood. However, since Islamic clothes are not as fancy as the clothes for children of other religions, parents need to inculcate the feeling of willingly wearing these clothes from an early age. One of the ways to create an interest in Islamic clothes is by purchasing garments that are a little stylish, as well as fits them right. This will give them a smart appearance and motivate them to further try traditional Islamic clothes.

One of the popular traditional Islamic apparel is a thobe. While choosing thobes for kids it must be ensured that the measurements are taken correctly, so that your child gets the perfect fit. Since wearing body hugging clothes is not allowed in Islam, the measurements that you take must provide a loose fit (according to the dressing rules and regulations). Here is a guide on how you can take the right measurement:

  • Length: Keeping the entire body covered is one of the major dressing rules of Islam. Keeping this in mind, the thobe must reach till the foot. To take the correct measurement, ask the child to stand barefoot, and start measuring from the back of the neck and measure down till the foot.
  • Chest: Ask the child to stand straight and place the measuring tape under the arms. Next, take the measurements around the fullest part of the chest. Now, add around three inches to the measurement that you noted down. This will be the actual measurement. If the measurement that you take is falling in-between sizes, pick a larger size...

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