The Single Lady's Guide to Buying a Home in India

Women in Canada have outnumbered men when it comes to looking for residential or properties to buy. Of course you aren’t in Canada but ladies and even girls with enough money to buy a home of their own aren’t waiting for some ‘Mr. Perfect’ to come and buy them a home! Similar trends are starting to emerge here in Gurgaon in the NCR region of Delhi’s capital and we thought why not help you out with how you should proceed with your decision to get your very own crib.

Are There Are Major Differences in Male vs. Female Home Hunting

Of course, there are tons of differences and we can perhaps fill an entire book with differences in men want in their home and what women want. But let’s concentrate on the major ones here.

  • Differences in outlook: Perhaps the biggest difference is the way men and women look at their needs for home. Women still do most of the work around home and it is going to remain so as far as we know and so they want their homes to help them do their job easily. So while men want huge spaces and big bathrooms, women will look at it as unnecessary space that has to be cleaned up! Unless you absolutely love big empty spaces look for a home that’s easy to clean and manage.
  • Single guy wants grandeur Vs. Single ladies want safety: any single guy will compromise safety if he can find a home that looks super premium over a safer house that doesn’t look as premium and you can’t blame him for that. Men are wired to provide bigger space and they tend to ignore risks if they aren’t apparent. To you your safety is paramount. Don’t choose grandeur over safety. Homes in safer locations are costlier even if they aren’t spectacular.
  • Differences in compromises: No house will have every desirable quality in them because that isn’t how things are in real life. Space and safety are only two aspects of the game. There are lots to consider and you as a girl cannot expect everything to be cut out for you. You will need to make compromises. Choose priorities and have another girl accompany you when you go home hunting.

The challenges of owning a home are same for everybody. That said, the process of choosing a home plays out differently for gals. We hope what we had to say in this piece helps you somehow to buy property in Gurgaon India.