Guideline for Bag and Outfit Pairing

More than the clothes you wear, the bag you pair with it also creates a statement. Female celebrities, who are currently in the limelight, have been prominently featured in countless of fashion blogs because of their extremely gorgeous outfit and bag pairing. These continuously serve as inspiration to thousands or even millions of fashionistas worldwide.

● Dressing up for an occasion.

Throughout our lives, we attend rare occasions wherein we have to look our best yet often times, we simply need to be ourselves. Most fashionistas would struggle looking for the perfect handbag accessory to match their gown, for instance, or to choose the ideal shirt colour to pair with their tote bag from Singapore. The struggle is real most especially since online shops and actual boutiques in shopping malls offer a wide selection of choices. To make things easier for you, we’ll provide you with the ideal types of bags for different occasions.

● Casual Events

Backpacks are perhaps the most iconic bag items you’ll encounter across the globe. They’re traditionally made with lots of compartments, with a large enough space to store folded clothes, water bottles, toiletries, and gadgets. It can store more items so long as they’re neatly packed. They come in a variety of designs but, in general, they’re used for smart casual, business casual, everyday casual, and sporty outfits.

Aside from the ones we’ve already mentioned, the definition of a casual look continue to evolve as women persistently express their individual style and defy conventional standards. They still use backpacks for everyday use or duffel bags for travelling and exercise, however they’re now sporting shoulder bags more than ever. These include the following:

○ Satchels

○ Sling bags

○ Messenger bags

○ Totes

○ Hobo bags

○ Buckets

● Dressy Events

Dressy events, as a whole, is the middle ground between casual and formal. They’re neither too casual nor too forma, although women would pay a great deal of attention to looking good because these events are considered rare. It can be a special person’s birthday party, a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, or a product launch. For a classic get-up, leather bags from Singapore are the go-to items because the material per se is perceived as chic and edgy. So even if you’re only wearing a basic dress but you’re carrying a leather handbag, your outfit arrangement would still end up looking casual and cool.

● Formal Events

Pair your formal dress with evening handbags. Singapore online shops offer a variety of evening clutches, minaudieres, and envelope bags. These bags are traditionally small in size and are either made with silky fabric or embellished with diamond studs or crystals. Their petite size can only carry a handful of items like your mobile device, makeup, and cards.

● Trending Events

Going to a music festival or concert soon? Pair your trendy fashion wear with similarly themed wristlets and flap bags. For instance, people love to wear boho-inspired outfits for coachella so they pair it up with aztec or tribal patterned bags. Express your individuality whilst celebrating the fashion culture of the music festival or from the country where the concert band originated.

Here are four events, with three considered as generally rare, that have wide-ranging bag options for different outfits. Hopefully, this helps you out whilst choosing for an ideal bag to go with your planned outfits!