Guide to Addictions

Diego Martinez

..a compelling desire to use a drug or to engage in a specific behavior

How do addictions affect your health?

Using drugs like nicotine and alcohol can harm your body organs and may cause a premature death. If you excercise exensively, that too can harm your body. Some people may even starve themselves just to get an unrealistic body figure that they think is "beautiful". Some addictions can jeopardize your safety. People could have an addictions to fighting or shooting guns, which is not good in the least bit. Addictions can harm relationships, get you into trouble, or lead you to poverty due to uncontrollable addictions.

The Different Types of Addictions

Alcoholism is one of the most popular addictions in the United States.

- Alcohol addictions are wide spread across America, affecting one in every 12 adults or 17.6 million adults. Alcohol is a very harmful drug which affects the heart, brain, liver, and pancreas. Many do this becuase the are either anxious, bored, frustrated, lonely, or depressed and depend on the alcohol to change their moods.

- Something that suprised me was finding out there are many people with an excersise addiction. Yes, there are people who can't stand not going out to the gym to work out and get fit. This is pretty dangerous, believe it or not. With extensive, extreme workouts, these people are at risk of injuring themselvese. A workout is not healthy. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

- There are a lot of people who have gambling addictions. These people just love gambling in any sort of way or fashion. You may think these people spend all their time in Vegas, playing on the slot machines and hoping to get some big money in return. That is a way of gambling, bu that's not it. People who love getting lotto tickets are gamblers. When you sign up for a sporting event to try to get a prize, such as a horseshoe tournament, you are also gambling without typically knowing it.

- Nicotine is also another popular one. Nicotine is a stimulant drug found in tobacco products, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco. People who are affected by a nicotine addiction may rely on this substance to relieve tension or boredom, or to wake up in the morning.

Teens are affected by perfectionism due to unrealistic expectations from adults.

- One addiction that is not typically known by most people is perfectionism. Trying to make everything perfect is an addiction. It's a weird one, but it's an addiction. These people absolutely have to have everything perfect or else they go pretty crazy and get annoyed. Perfectionism is the result of feeling inadequate and insecure. Some teens, like me, become perfectionists because of the unrealistic expectations adults put on them.

- A relationship addiction in a big one. You know those people who feel depressed or insecure a lot, but when they make contact with another person and develop a relationship with them, it quickly changes their mood right around but are constantly needing that other person to make them feel happier? You might know them as the "needy ones". These people are the people who have a relationship addiction. And the people they sort of "victimize" are suffocated and drained of energy.

- This affects girls more than boys, and this addiction should be a little bit obvious. I'm talking about the shopping addiction. Now, some boys have a shopping addiction as well, but it doesn't affect the guys as much as the girls. "Shopaholics" are the ones who are "born to shop" and "shop 'till they drop", as the sayings goes. People like this feel in control when the buy things. It serves as a quick fix for depressed feelings, but after a shopping spree, the person is can feel guilty. This addiction can lead to severe emotional and financial problems.

Television addiction affects children starting from the age of two years old.

- Television and computer addiction is starting to become a great problem in today's society. It seems like everyone cannot live without a television or a computer. It's what everyone wants to use every single day of their lives and they feel empty if they don't do anything with those devices. This addiction can cause people to become lazy, less productive, and less social.

- We all have to have met a thrill-seeker at one point in our lives. Thrill-seekers are people who desire to partake in situations that are risky and dangerous. They truly enjoy scary situations. They are willing to do dangerous dares. They love doing things that just about makes their heart beat out their chest.

- People who are workaholics obviously love to work. They work to fill an emptiness inside them. People who love to work do not like to enjoy themselves. They use work as a getaway from their personal life or some other disturbance. When these people work, they get a high that helps them overcome feelings of depression, anxiousness, and tenseness.

What to Do About Addictions

Formal interventions are a great way to help people with addictions.

The first step to deal with an addiciton is to always keep up with up-to-date information about addictions. You have to know what the causes and treatments are for addicitons. The second step is to review the list of characteristics of people who are at risk of developing an addiction. The third step is to see if any of these symptoms affect you or someone else. The sooner you find these signs, to sooner you'll be able to treat a developing addiciton. Fourth, get help. People with addictions often deny they have one and refuse to get help. They may need to be confronted by a group of caring people. They may want to have a formal intervention, which is an action by people, such as family members, who want a person to get treatment.