Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD, FBCS - Consultant

We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis... making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

Guiding Principles

A few days ago I was chatting with someone who wanted to know how I approached life in general, and consulting in particular.

I thought about this, and suggested I had two principles that guide a great deal of what I do.

First, ask questions. It's a great way to learn and shows respect for the other's life experience. Do it politely, make sure the person you're asking understands clearly that this is a question, not a demand, and may choose not to answer. But always ask, if you're curious about something.

Second, "I don't know the answer; let's find out together" is ALWAYS an acceptable answer to a question. A wrong answer is the worst possible answer, and avoiding answering makes it sound as though the question wasn't worthy of a response. But inviting a joint investigation to find the answer means you are willing to help the person who asked because the question was worthy of an answer and you didn't know what it was.

I have learned a great deal from those I have worked with over the decades of consulting I have done. And I have no intention of stopping now. What can we do together to help your life and business run as a better integrated whole or a simpler more streamlined venture?