8 English: History of English

Term 4: November 30th, 2012

Now that we are almost at the end of the year, we are finishing by looking at the English language. Earlier this week we looked at how English has helped shape other languages such as Singlish. Now I want you to turn your attention to how other languages have shaped English. Below are a range of activities you can complete to develop your understanding of how English has become the language we speak today.

Task 1:

Check your answers to the homework task by downloading the Word document below:


Task 2:

Download the Word document below, read through the History of the English Language information on the first page and answer the questions in the grid on the second page. Make sure you save a copy of your work on your own drive.


Task 3:

Load 'The Roots of English' game at the following web site:


Follow the instructions and create your own poem using the words provided before clicking 'Submit' where you will be told the origins of the words you have used.

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