Apps 4 teens on iSomethings

top 5 - in my opinion - today, 'cause this might change...

The list

  • 5: Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus this app groups nouns, verbs, and adjectives by cognitive correlations and provides examples. The "fuzzy search" is great for the iffy spelling.
  • 4: CBB Creative Book Builder allows the student to build content, organize into chapters and add images easily.
  • 3: Khan Academy because it has short videos explaining a very wide range of concepts. The videos are short but the delivery does not dumb down complex ideas.
  • 2: iTunes U gets the student access to lots of content including articles, books, video and audio.
  • 1: MyHomework lets the student organize assignments and classes. This is an organizer built for school. With this organizer the student can add an assignment, include it in a calendar, get alerts and have theses integrated with the class schedule.

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