International Medical Systems Medical Director Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora

Over the course of his career, Gulamnabi Vahora, MD, PhD, has been recognized by a long list of hospitals and medical organizations for his contributions to the advancement of healthcare practices. He was named by Cambridge Who’s Who as an example of someone who provides leadership and high-quality medical services in a variety of fields. He currently serves as medical director for International Medical Systems, Inc., and he is the founding member of the American Vahora Association. Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora holds a PhD in microbiology with a concentration on biochemistry.

In his position with International Medical Systems, Inc., Dr. Vahora is in charge of managing a pathology laboratory. He is frequently works in close proximity with other doctors, nurses, and additional healthcare professionals to answer their questions. Outside of his work with the lab, he remains involved with a variety of organizations and charities, including United Way of America and Utah State University.

# Gulamnabi Vahora, Dr. Gulamnabi Vahora, MD, PhD

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