Gulftainer Company Limited: Ramesh Shivakumaran

For over twenty years, Ramesh Shivakumaran gained extensive experience in handling different positions in the accounting and financial department of the Gulftainer Company Limited.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Gulftainer provides unsurpassed customer service in the shipping and logistics industry. The company strives to continue improving their reputation and performance as the most productive port operator and third-party logistics provider.

Ramesh is also a board member and director in the various bodies of the affiliate companies of the company. He leads the business services functions of the management group with strategic focus on business planning, business strategy, corporate governance, financial affairs, financial reporting, internal control compliance, and organizational development involving information systems, risk management, and treasury management.

He also plays a vital role in establishing IT infrastructure, administration and human resources department, compensation management, and integrated quality management system for all national and international operations of the company.

Ramesh does a great job in providing pertinent, opportune, and precise analytical data to drive business decisions. Through the years, he sustained his expertise in inspiring teams, improving morale, mentoring, delegating, and challenging staff to be excessively dedicated to achieving success on a regular basis.