Biotic Factors


    Plants: Acacia Tree,Manketti Tree,Baobab Tree,Grass,African Savanna                                                                                                                                         

Abiotic Factors

Sun,dead grass,Hill,Rivers,Hot

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity- The largest number of individuals of one species that an environment can support.                                                                                                                                                  Zebras will not be able to survive without enough resources.So when there are less breeds they will reproduce.

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Limiting Factors

Limiting Factor- The largest number of individuals of one species that an environment can support.                 

 Lions and Zebras are a predator and Prey relationship and the zebras advantage is they are fast but the lion can hide well and sneak up.     

The shelter could affect how many of the Lions or Zebras live. Then the Zebras could be starving and wander out and a horde of Lions could attack the weak Zebras.The Lions could be starving also and might die off which would allow the Zebras to get food and water.  

Energy Roles

Energy Roles-The role in an ecosystem,for example a producer,primary consumer,secondary consumer, tertiary consumer.

My ecosystems trophic level example: Producer: Grass Primary Consumer: Zebra Secondary Consumer: Lion

The Grass receives  energy from the Sun then the Zebra receives energy from the Grass then the Lion receives energy from the Zebra.

The producers are vital because they are what give energy to the primary consumer and they start the whole process.

Food Webs

A Food Web shows more than one path but a food chain is just a connected path so it is really realistic.

If you removed the Grass there could not be possible life because energy is 90% of life for the animals.

Trophic Level

The pyramid shape shows that the energy is getting less at the top and requires less feeding for energy.

The producers are at the bottom because they supply energy and the top doesnt produce so not alot are up there.


Chemical formula: C6,H12,O6,6O2

What is needed for photosynthesis is sunlight,water,carbon dioxide,chlorophyll and what is produced is oxygen and food for plants.

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast.


Definition - A turning or bending motion of a plant.                                                                 An example in my biome would be the Manketti Tree and it's a Hydro-tropism.                   Tropisms are what help the plants to live and plants help the whole ecosystem be alive.

   The Role of The Decomposers

Decomposers help more plants to grow,and in good soil.

With no decomposers plants could die.

Some decomposers are earthworms,fungi,insects and etc.


Adaptations help animals live in there kind of environment,there are two adaptations Behavioral and Structural.

Lions have sharp claws to dig into prey to make sure to get the prey, a plant is the Manketti Tree and it has thorns on it so animals don't eat there leaves.

If I put a Zebra in the Arctic it wouldn't have the right food or know where to go for food and freeze and hypothermia would kill it and it would not be able to sustain life to reproduce.

Natural Selection

Definition-Survival of the fittest

Lions mate and thus the starting population and with all their adaptation they survive changing the population making it excel to be higher, and because they are adapted to the heat it doesn't affect them and grass allows them to hide easier.

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