Guns in Our Society

A gun cannot
function without it
being held

This is a presentation on how guns are effecting are children in our everyday society. Any form of a weapon is considered to be a hazard to anyone or anything at anytime.Guns just so happen to be a  main source of the violent behavior occurring in our day and age. They can be used for protection, but many use it violently. It is especially bad when even kids are being influenced to carry a tool form harm. Remember, people choose to hurt others, the gun is just the assistant in hurting others.

kid playing with a toy gun

You may not think it, but a toy gun can do as much damage as a real gun. It is constantly effecting your subconscious to make you think  that handling any type of gun is okay and it won't hurt the child. Well your subconscious is wrong.You may now see it this way but, guns don't kill people, people kill people. The act of giving a child a gun is just a incident waiting to happen. Many children are being killed or being harmed by wielding or any other children  handling a gun. Guns are not meant to be played with. A gun can and if not used with caution, will  kill someone, even children at the age of three are subjective to being killed by the miss use of a gun. A gun can show now remorse if it hurts anyone.

baby holding a gun in its mouth

Parents, do not fool yourself and say that you would never let your child around a gun because all it takes is one careless action and your child will be put into a dangerous situation. Even if the gun is not being pointed at you, it will still hurt to know that someone else's friend, child, family, or any kind of relative will taken away from them.  My message to everyone today is to be proactive and in no way possible introduce a gun into any child's life because you would never want someone to introduce a gun into your child's life.

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