Network 21 & Gunston TV

Network 21 is a student-run TV studio, dynamic student centered classroom, and enterprising multimedia production facility.  

       How can we leverage the power of media production to help students become more confident and creative?       

  • Media is now the master storyteller. (Hi- five)
  • Media production is the best tool to bridge students from Consumer to Producer.
  • Our mission should be to amplify student voice.  Media is my chosen platform.
  • Media Production sharpens 21st Century Skills (4 C's) Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication
  • Provides an authentic audience, and showcases their "best self".
  • Project ideas: Autonomy, Purpose, Appreciation of mastery (getting better) (Daniel Pink)
  • Reviews: Products, games, toys, movies
  • PSAs: something they believe or global
  • Interviews: Audio (Podcasting) Experts, family, peers, creatives
  • Photo Journalism: photo blog, news stories, art, print media
  • Documentary project: history, events, travel, cultural identity
  • How-to videos: sharing expertise, learning something new
  • Animation, stop action, green screen
  • You DO NOT have to be a tech wiz.  Just give kids access, confidence, and support when things do not go as planned.
  • Twitter: @costnerMedia      Video Blog:
  • Resource page:
  • Arlington Independent Media, Educational Theater Company, Career Center