Teens social media usage

I have a social media survey. All you will have to do is have a @copelandms.org google username. Just sign on to your @copelandms.org and take my survey on your opinions on social media.


I've made this survey and asked these certain questions to get an outlook on peoples opinions on social media. I have asked these questions to great a better input in the mind of other teens.

There are many pros or cons to using social media. The pros include: connecting with ancestors/family members, its a great way to tell people what your doing at the moment. Yet there are a lot of cons to using social media. You can have a rough time with cyber bullies and mean people that will hide behind laptops and smartphones to bully you. Me personally have never cyber bullied but I use many social media sites. I use social media for many purposes to connect and to inform.  

This question asks "do you visit a social media everyday?" and these are the results.

This question is asking "Whats your favorite type of social media?" and these are the results.

The MLA bibliography for the first picture:



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