Child soldiers history and statistics+

The idea of using child in wars starts during the World War 1. The first country that decided to use child as soldiers was the Great Britain. About 250 000 kids were used. There were 3 types of child soldiers. There were some kids who were spies, others were messengers, and the last type was the kids used for political campaign. You will see a big picture of a kid with the soldier uniform with a message following the picture. The message can be like: ’’ if a kid fight for his country, you can do it to!’’.

During World War 2, children were used another time but this time, by more country. Soviets, Polish resistance, Jewish resistance, and Eastern Europe were using them. 400 000 kids were fighting, 375 000 died. It’s just horrible. The majority of these children didn’t reach the age of 15 years old.

Since 1970s, a lot of group and international convention such as the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers were created. Statistics prove that after WW2, the use of children for war had been widespread.Since the 1990s, child soldiers were located in Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Liberia, in Asia and in South America.

In 1989, the first law that punish the use of child soldiers was voted. It was the article 39 of the children rights. In 2002 another law passed. With this law, kids cannot take part of war before 18 years old.

In the world, there is one group who use a lot of children. It’s the Lord Resistance Army(LRA). His leader is Joseph Kony. The group is located in Uganda, but also in Congo.

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