“Requiem For The Masses” by The Association (1967)

By: Megan, Cole and Josh

Imagery: The image given is the idea that this is taking place after a great battle had taken place. Where the ground is flooded with blood and dead bodies. The flags are at full which means that they were victorious. But at the cost of a lot of lives.

Syntax: This song repeats things quite a bit. It repeats Requiem aeternam, requiem aeternam at the beginning and the end of the song. It also repeats Black and White 3 times in a row. The words that they used long pauses on where And all fell before the bull, It was the last thing ever seen by him, as they buried him. They emphasized theses words because they are before the man dies and when he was buried.

Details: Requiem Aeternam means eternal rest also known as death. It is saying that a lot of people are dying in battle. And their lives mean nothing. It is saying that the people that die in war are nothing more than a number. The families of those people who die are depressed and upset for those they had lost. But everyone else doesn’t care because they are just another number added to the death counter.

Diction: Requiem aeternam- eternal death, Rex tremendae majestatis- King of Awful Majesty, Kyrie Eleison-god have mercy. Those 3 words are important because they are powerful and they have great meaning and mean something to the song. The drums and tambourines give the song the seriousness of death and war.

Tone: Mournful because the soldier died so his family are mourning his death. The song is saying you can be upset that young people died but you should be proud that our flag is still flying because of their ultimate sacrifice.

Visual:A flag at half mast to honor the fallen soldier.

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