Gusset Beard


Once upon a time, just after Google bought Blogger, before Tumblr even existed! a lone marketing and behavioral science geek started blogging and posting photos on Flickr, not just for image hosting, but to improve analytics and see how interactions affected blog traffic. Along the way, he hand crafted websites, did market research, honed rhetorical skills in law school, learned to write python for quantitative legal research, joined Facebook, wrestled with SquareSpace, built a following on Twitter, and tried Tackk, co-founded Lawpolis.

Sometimes he wondered how he could bring each of these skills together into one place. He saw technical solutions that were ugly, designs that placed fanciness before human interaction, and thriving interaction on sites that could be hard to use. Could he combine everything he loved about technology, research, communication, human interaction, and good design? He wondered until finally one day, he formed Gusset Beard to do just that.

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