Greece: Economic Downfall

A class project in Mr. Smith's English 10 at Cardinal Newman HS

Project Overview

Project Proposal

Name: Max Gustavson

Period: 3

Nation of your choice: Greece

Rationale (or explanation why you are curious about this country): I think that it is a really beautiful country and has amazing beaches. I also want to know what is really going on in Greece. This is the only modern country that I know of that is in complete and total economic downfall and I really want to know what the world is going to do with this unique situation.

Summary (of what you already know about the history, geography, culture, and social issues): I know mainly nothing but that its by the Mediterranean sea. I also know that is in a economic downfall and that the world powers are trying to get it out of det and there is a lot of controversy surrounding what they are going to deiced. I that it has a very lively culture that it is a tourist destination but maybe not so more that it is in economic det.

Prediction (about what you think you will discover or hope to discover during your research): I hope that I learn why the economy is so destroyed right now what can be done to fix it why is there so much controversy surrounding it. I also hope to learn more about the culture because I am now starting to understand that I know nothing about it.

Discussion (of the importance of this nation in the global community, i.e., the “so what?”): Its very important as its in complete economic downfall and its going to test how countries really help each other.

New York Times Topics: Greece

They Say, I Say

Student Name: Max Gustavson

Period: 3

Title of article (in quotation marks): Lawmakers (Just Not Greece's) Approved a Bailout Extension

Title of newspaper (underlined or italicized): The New York Times

Essay Author: Jim Yardley

Date of Publication: Feb. 27, 2015

Essay main idea/thesis statement: The article is talking about the economic issues in Greece and how the world is planning to fix it. One of the main issues right now is that Greeks elected officials are not getting a say in how the whole thing goes down there lawmakers are not making there laws the other countries that our supporting Greece are now making all the rules and many of the people in Greece at this time are not ok with that idea.

Quote: Jim Yardley says Ultimately, Lawmakers approved the Greek Program on Friday - just not those in Greece

Comment: I think that it is good that the other countries are helping bailing out but that its going to become worse and worse as an issue because the Greece law makers are not able to represent their country. Jim makes a good point on later in the article stating that if Greece lawmakers do not get a say in how the decisions are made that it could make the problems worse in the long run. I agree that it completely undermines the Greek authority.

The Big 5

Title of article (in quotation marks): Explaining the Greek Debt Crisis

Title of newspaper (underlined or italicized): New York Times

Essay Author: Liz Alderman

Date of Publication: April 8 2015

1. AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE: (Focus on who. Who wrote the text? Who was it written for? Why did the writer write it?) This article was written for the general public who even though they had heard on the news that Greece was in a economic crisis they didn't really know what that meant. Liz Alderman has been writing on all the events that are happening in Greece concerning the economic crisis this article was to give a general summary of what was really happening.

2. CONTENT AND THEME (Focus on the what. What is the text about? What is the author’s message?) The author really goes into the from start to finish of how this crisis has unfolded. They go into what needs to happen in order for Greece to theoretically get back on there feet but has not given the answer on how it could be possible rather they have done a very good job of setting down all the facts of what is really happening in Greece.

3. TONE AND MOOD (Focus on the how. What is the writer’s tone? How does the text make the reader feel? What kind of diction is used to create a certain tone/mood?) The tone is very professional there is not a lot of personal opinion in this article it is just solid facts of what is happening almost like a reading a history book. The author posses many questions would have been asked in a interview if someone knew nothing about what was going on. Then proceeds them in a very professional manner.

4. STYLISTIC DEVICES (What stylistic devices does the writer use? To what effect? Common devices: irony, sarcasm, rhetorical questions, figurative speech, analogy, metaphor, etc.) I would say mainly some rhetorical questions and analogy to better explain what is happening with as many facts as possible not really putting in there own personal opinion on the matter.

5. STRUCTURE (What kind of text is it? What structural conventions are used?)

Letter to Alderman

The New York Times Building

620 Eighth Avenue

New York City, United States

Dear Ms. Alderman

I am a student at Cardinal Newman Highschool. In my english class we have chosen a country to study and pull New York Times articles to find out about our country. I chose to do greece mainly because I think that the country is really nice looking and also because I knew that there was a huge economic problem that could have a major impact on the world economy but I didn't know why. I chose to write you a letter because many of the articles I have been reading on greece's economics were written by you and you seemed to have a very strong understanding on what is really going on there.

At first I was very confused on what was really happening in greece's economy but after i read your article “Explaining the Greek Debt Crisis” it cleared up many thing for me mainly because it was so well written and simple to understand you did an amazing job going into detail of why thing were happening the way they were.

I hope to visit Greece on day despite that it is in a crisis it looks like a very beautiful country and I think that it has a really rich culture. I would really love to get a reply from you as you knowledge on the greece crisis seems unparalleled thank you for everything and keep up the good work.


Max Gustavson

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2 years ago

I really like the environment that your background sets, also your photos represent your country well😀

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why did you choose this country?

2 years ago

Very unsuccesful economic transition into the european union but I would like to visit because of the many historical places

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Looks great, it looks like you worked really hard, nice job.

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I wonder what Greece is going to do about their economic problems? I sound like a great place to travel to.

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I wonder how Greece could get out of their economical problems.

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I don't think there is not much Greece can do about economical problems but they can certainly try.

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Greece looks like a very colorful and lively country. it seems there are a lot of islands