Mental Health Intermittent explosive disorder
By: Shayna Lopez

Intermittent explosive disorder is repeated episodes of impulsive aggressive, violent behavior, or angry verbal outbursts in which a person can react grossly out of proportion. Another words making something bigger than it is. People with IED can attack themselves or ,others causing bodily harm. They are also said to destroy possessions, and damage property.  

About  82% of people who have IED may also suffer from depression, drug abuse, and anxiety disorders. In June of 2006 (NIH) National Institute of Mental Health has founded that IED affects as many as 7.3 percent of adults and 16 million Americans in their lifetimes. Men are more prone to have IED than women.

The exact cause of IED is unknown, but it is though to be caused by environmental, and biological factors. There can also be a genetic component to this disorder, it can be passed on from either parent. Risk factors are people who abuse drugs, and or alcohol are at risk for developing the disorder. History of abuse is also a factor.

The treat  available is psychotherapy, and medication. Therapy can be in an individual, or group setting. Medication that can be prescribed would be anti-anxiety agents, anti depressants, anti convulsants, and mood stabilizers.

There are several sources available to get people the help they need for any disorder. Talking to a friend who may know where to go, or you primary care physician, online, and a mental health clinic.

Symptoms for IED can be rage, irritability, tremors, tingling, palpitations, chest tightness, increased energy, to feeling pressure in the head. Relief, fatigue, and depression may occur after the episode.

Sometimes people are unsure if they have a disorder. Some find out because someone mentions the symptoms to them. Others know someone who have a mental health disorder, and discuss the symptoms and discover they have those same symptoms. Then in turn go get checked.

There is always help for people with mental health conditions. Friends, family, and support groups. So there is no reason for any one not to get the help they need to better their life.

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