The name of my book is called Guts an autobiography of my favorite Author Gary Paulsen.

About The Author

Gary Paulsen is the distinguished author of many critically acclaimed books for young people, including my favorite books Dog Song, Hatchet, Brian's Winter, Brian's return, The River, and Brian's Hunt. Gary Paulsen has also published fiction and nonfiction for adults, as well as picture books illustrated by his wife, the painter Ruth Wright Paulsen. Their most recent book is Canoe Days. The Paulsens live in New Mexico and on the Pacific Ocean.


The setting of my book takes place all over the world especially in the wilderness and Alaska because my author loves dog sled races which you know if you read the book dog song and he loves to be in the wild shown by the Hatchet series and Wood Song.


The main character is Gary Paulsen. Gary loves the outdoors and loves to travel around the world with his family. Gary is my inspiration when it comes to the wilderness because he has been through so many unbearable things that many people wouldn't of survived.


The conflict in this book is all over the place. This book is categorized and each category talks about a certain struggle that the other dealt with in his life.


The mood of this story was too complicated to put in words. One chapter might be adventurous and exciting while another chapter might have you sad and anxious.


The theme of this autobiography was simply survival. This book was written so readers could see the point behind the Hatchet series and how it connects to the author's life.

My Thoughts And Opinions

I liked the survival hints in the book and how it helps me to understand the author's previous books I read. I would recommend this book to everyone because you never know when you have to survive and this book is great for teaching you exactly how to survive in certain situations. Before reading this book I recommend reading the Hatchet series so you can make connection and understand how Guts is related to those books.

Survival Scenario

A nuclear bomb has been dropped...a radiation-free shelter is available, but can only take 6 people; choose who will survive...

Choose / rank people in terms of who will get to live or die in situations with limited survival resources:

Participants role play characters (a bit like a Murder Mystery)

No right answers - any so-called "correct" answers are based on debatable values

Appoint a time keeper in each group and encourage them to be the person who monitors the progress of the group towards achieving consensus within the time frame.
To emphasize individual versus group decision making, split the session into three parts: Individuals write who they chose and discuss in group.

How were decisions made?
Who influenced the decisions and how?
How could better decisions have been made?
Did people listen to each other? if not why not?
What roles did group members adopt?
How was conflict managed?
What kinds of behavior helped or hindered the group?
How did people feel about the decisions?
How satisfied was each person with the decision (ask each participant to rate his / her satisfaction out of 10, then obtain a group average and compare / discuss with other groups' satisfaction levels)
What have you learned about the functioning of this group?
How would you do the activity differently if you were asked to do it again?

What situations at school do you think are like this exercise?