The Rats Cheese

By:  Chris Ruppel

Look, over on the counter

See, that blockish blue block

It could possibly  be blue cheese

I've never had blue cheese before I bet it tastes         scrumptious

I just cant help but think its not for me

I scarf it down as if I've never eaten in my life

I go tell my parents

they don't mind             for now

In my room, listening to loud thuds as if a sumo wrestler came to visit

Parents barging into my room, one on the phone and the other screaming, holding me praying for me not to die

My dad saying something about rat poison on the phone

Confusing enough as it is even though I'm only 5

What's going on

What's happening\

I don't know

How can anything bad come from just eating cheese

Everything went blank from there

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