These are some of the ways I present myself to society. I'm trying to be myself,I don't want to be someone that I'm not. I want to be that funny person I am. I don't want to be that person. I want to stand myself out more. I'm gonna be that girl her speaks her mind and let's everything out. I'm always by my most important friends side, I protect my bestfriend. I help her whenever she's in the worst mood to put her in the best mood. I also portray by showing my caring side. I show that I'm a very strong person and that I can get through anything if you really try.

If I could change one thing about my personality, I think I would change the fact that I'm too shy. I think I need to come out of my shell more. I need to stand out more, I need to be less shy, be myself and stand out, like talk to more people that I don't know, or present I front of my class, or even ask someone a question, that I don't even know. I need to be less shy  and nervous and worried about things. If your less shy and nervous and worried about things, then you'll be more out there you'll have a better life.

These are the ways I would like to be seen, as a beautiful, kind, talented, and of course innocent, but I'm pretty sure, no one sees me as kind, defiantly not innocent, maybe beautiful. I'm defiantly not innocent because of my terrible past. Most people knew what happened and now I don't think they would think I would've done something so bad. I want people to see me as a tough lady, not as a careless lady, like not caring about anything, like my friends or family, of just not caring about anyone but myself. I'm not like that, I actually care about people.

Well honestly I don't think I've been good on the internet in the past. I'm trying to make it better. On twitter I tweet about my feelings, I tweet quotes, like if I'm sad, mad, happy. On Instagram I just post pictures. On most things I post things about my feelings and how you can get through anything if you really try. Those are some of my digital footprint.

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