Nou Lee, Angela Vue, Ode M.



[enter sentry,tried and scared]

Sentry:Should I tell you king creon,but if I tell you don't be mad at me and if I don't tell you the other will tell you and I'll get in trouble.

Creon:What is it? I don't had time for fooling around.

Sentry:Someone buried Polyneices,I don't know who did this but Polyneices crop is gone.

Creon:Who dare to do this!

Sentry:I don't know who did this you must believe me,their were no sign of anyone digging.This morning we found one of them,the corporal showed us.The crop was cover in sand with the small of alcohols,no sign of anyone beginng there.

Choragos:King Creon could it be the doing of the god.

Creon:What are you taking about, no god will favor that traitor crop,it must be the doing of someone who were beging order to do it for money,no one will do anything without gaining something back.

Sentry:King Creon?

Creon :Stop taking you little weakling your face make me sick.

Sentry:King Creon are you sure that it my face making you mad.and it not your mind going crazy from the event happening

Creon:Your figure of speech make me sick get out at once and find the one who dare to do this or your life will be in trouble.

Sentry:I'll find the man who dare to do this but it will be the last time you see me and order me around.

[Sentry angry leave]