soil sample presentation

Jamie & Catherine

Site Taken From:

terrain- flat and bumpy

Plants that were there presently and previously - Lots of tall prairie grass and wild flowers.

How close it was to water- it was about 1/16 of a mile from Pot Hole Lake and the wetland.

Soil test:


i. the soil's pH was 5.6

ii. Soil was more acidic than basic.

iii. the soil is not the best but the is still good for planting because the pH was barley inside the acceptable rage which is between 5.5 - 7.

P, K, Mg and Ca

i. Phosphorous - 17 lbs/a Potassium - 282 lbs/a Magnesium - 1001 lbs/a Calcium - 2642 lbs/a

ii. pH rating - Low; phosphorous rating - Low; Potassium rating - High; Magnesium rating - High; Calcium rating - Medium.

Amount of Organic Matter : Low. 1.2%

Liming Requirements : 805 lbs/a